Pros and cons of even the best wireless fence for dog available on the market


Wireless fences are a new concept when it comes to pet confinement. These are like invisible fences which uses electricity to confine the pet into a certain zone. This helps to save some space in the garden, thereby increasing the overall space in which your dog resides. Thus, if you are looking for wireless fences then here is a warning for you. Even the best wireless fence for the dog is 70% effective and this is proven by surveys. So here are a few advantages of the best wireless fences available in the market for your pet.


Advantages of a good fence for pets

best wireless fence for the dog


  • Expandable depending on the number of pets you have
  • Expandable usually up to an area of 100 acres
  • Waterproof collars are available
  • Light weighted and portable collar
  • Waterproof collars
  • Durable in nature
  • Different customizations available
  • Can be used during training a dog
  • Does not cause any harm to your pet


Disadvantages of wireless fence


  • Most of these collars are not suitable for dogs which weigh more than 5 pounds
  • Sometimes the vibration and electricity is not sufficient enough to confine the pets
  • The collar might become uncomfortable for the dog
  • Might cause discomfort for your dog
  • Your pet might panic


Are wireless fences safe to use?


Sometimes wireless fences create a situation of panic among the pets which might lead to the owner to think that the fences are not ideal to the pet. But that is not the case, these fences are absolutely safe to use and will not cause any harm to the pet. The panic occurs in the initial phase when the dog is not used to such a device. But with time if you train the dog it will get used to the collar. Another major issue with these collars is that as a result of the panic created in the initial stages the dog might run away and since they are designed such that they will not cause any damage to the health of the pet, the pet might escape this collar if they try hard. So, when you are using this collar on your dog in the initial phase be careful about it and keep an eye on your dog. You can also start with a very low vibration frequency which will further help to decrease the panic in your pet. These wireless collars are great for training any pet especially dogs.


Thus, considering every factor ahead, these fences are safe to use and are a good choice for any pet. Age old fences might spoil the beauty of your garden and these fences are definitely a solution for such a scenario. If you are looking for a fence you must give this a try, they are highly customizable depending on your pet and of course the area of containment. They will never cause any kind of damage to the health of your pet as they have been designed and tested under the supervision of veterinarians.


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