A Review of the Seagull Masterpiece, S6



A company that has been around since 1982, Seagull has managed to stay in the instrument market with its majestic quality guitars and the S6 has been their latest work of art. This Seagull S6 review has broken down all the note-worthy points of the guitar so that you can make an informed decision as to whether it is good for you or not.

Here they are :

  • Design and Materials – Talking about the materials which make up the Seagull S6, the top is made up of cedar. The best part about the cedar is that Seagull performs pressure tests on the guitar before releasing the model to the market. These tests ensure that the guitar remains long-lasting and does not lose its fine quality even under the most extreme of conditions. The S6 is built on a concept called the compound curve which makes the body of the guitar thinner and more compact than a typical acoustic guitar. For the back and sides, the guitar uses Canadian Wild Cherry which contributes to the elegant and simply classic look of the guitar. The neck of the guitar is designed in the maple way with 21 frets atop a fretboard made up of rosewood. You can count on Seagull to make such a beautiful and portable guitar at such an affordable price.
  • Indoor mechanics – As beautiful as it looks, the more power it exudes from the core. The collection of magnificent wood materials from Canada makes the sounds coming from the core out-of-this-world. The double truss rod, as well as the nut and saddle design on the guitar, enables for a variety of tonal ranges to be emitted – all with some practice and exploring from the musician’s side. The guitar contains saddles which are essentially wood pieces kept under the guitar hole – these additions make for a massive improvement in the sounds, worthy of being in high-end guitars but Seagull has incorporated this feature in the S6 within such a feasible price. The nuts are present in different parts of the neck so that the strings can be elevated from different heights allowing for a wide range of musical creativity. A surprising reveal in the Seagull S6 review is that the tuners are in the same line as the nuts which Seagull believes will help keep the guitars in tune and intact for a longer period of time. The strings of the guitar are of the medium gauge quality with 12-53 gauge range. You will probably find the lighter gauge newer and more difficult to play but with practice, you can master it like everything else.


These are some of the various factors that are found in the Seagull S6. You would be surprised at the amount of sophistication and wonderful tones the guitar exudes and the surprise increases when you get this whole package under 500 dollars. Even if you are a connoisseur of guitars or a beginner who would love to start playing, you will love the Seagull S6.

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