All That You Need To Know About The Best Substrate For Planted Tank Before Sealing The Deal



For the purpose of survival, it is necessary that all the basic factors that are important for the sustenance of life form are made available. This condition applies to all the creatures that are present on earth, whether it is land, water or air. However, it becomes even more important to make the environment favorable for the creature when you plan to move it from its natural habitat to an artificial one. In this respect, taking care of the survival of the fishes in an aquarium is of primal importance. The aquarium is a glass-walled enclosure that is tailor-made to suit the living conditions of fishes. The water in the oceans and seas contains many useful nutrients naturally but when it comes to these aquariums, it necessary to make them equipped with all the required nutrients. In this process, investing in a quality substrate and spreading it generously on the base of the aquarium helps you to make sure that your fishes do not feel the loss of nutrients. However, buying the substrate is an important decision and it is for this reason that you must make sure to go through the reviews to figure out the Best Substrate for Planted Tank which shall help you to make a more calculated and better decision.

Different varieties of substrates to suit your needs

Best Substrate for Planted Tank

When it comes to investing in a good quality substrate, it is important that you must acquaint yourself with the fact that there are several kinds of substrates that are available in the market. The most common one is the gravel base which is highly popular among the people due to the fact that it is quite easy to spread and take care of. Gravel, in addition, also acts as a natural purifier and helps to keep the water clean too. However, you can also go for the more advanced version of these substrates like the coral sand which gradually dissolves in the water. The sand or what can also be known as gravel contains calcium carbonate which helps to regulate the acidic content in the water. This also helps to counterbalance the decaying process of the matter present in the aquarium. It is for this reason that it is advisable that if your fishes prefer water on the alkaline side, then it would be advisable to invest in these substrates as they will increase the concentration of bases in the water.

Stay away from chemicals

One of the most important facts that is to be considered while investing in a substrate is that the material that the substrate is made up of is as natural as possible and must stay away from any chemicals or harmful substances. The presence of chemicals for the purpose of enhancing the visual appeal of the substrate only makes it harmful for the fishes.

Thus, the choice for the Best Substrate for Planted Tank must be made carefully, keeping in mind the natural habitats of the fishes that are in the aquarium and the requirement for different nutrients. However, make sure that the substrate must be free of any chemicals.


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