FIND THE BEST FISH- Humminbird ICE 35 review



A good fish finder is all about a great resolution display and a powerful transducer and both these are the strongest feature of Humminbird ICE 35. Other than these two there are several other attractive features one would want in a flasher. One can select from a wide range of viewing options to see how the sonar returns appear. This ice fish finder is from HELIX G2 series and has both sonar and flasher which helps in finding fish and understanding structure and contour respectively.

FeaturesHumminbird ICE 35 review

  • High-frequency sonar


The powerful sonar can give readings about any kind of below water structure. The depth capabilities are of around 200ft and with a wide range zoom which can give detailed readings of the smallest object or fish in the water. One can spot the tiniest fish with 5 inches separation capabilities of this fish finder.


  • 3-color fiber optic display


ICE 35 comes with a TFT depth screen means there will not be any problem even in the brightest sunlight and there is clean visualization of the transducer without much complexity. It helps to distinguish among different objects of variable sizes easily along with its size indicator flashing red, orange and green. Red is for the biggest objects, orange is for the medium-sized ones and green is for the smallest objects.


  • Powerful transducer


This fish finder is equipped with a highly capable 100 RMS and 800W PTP transducer which works at a rate of 455/240kHz. The readings are detailed with frequency beams up to 19/9 degrees and depth capability of 200ft. This flasher is great for shallow water bodies like lakes and rivers. There is one slight drawback though, that it cannot read the temperature of the water which is really helpful for ice fishing.


  • Power


Hummingbird ICE 35 review give a power output of about 800 watts; which means that with its higher output, the transducer capabilities also increases making the fish finder more efficient. This impressively portable flasher is chargeable and can be charged anywhere with a suitable adapter attached to it, also it comes with a battery indicator which shows the amount of battery left.


  • Convenient controls


ICE 35 has a very simple yet effective control panel with which one can adjust depths, magnification, noise, and frequencies easily. It comes with 2 dials and buttons on its console. One can manage depths with zoom dial which can magnify from 1x to 10x, which helps is spotting targets at different water levels. The noise control helps adjust the interference with other fish finders in the vicinity and beam control can switch between frequencies easily.


  • Powerful dual beam sonar transducer gives detailed readings.


  • On-screen dials and color-coded indicators help in distinguishing different targets.


  • It is chargeable which means one can carry it with them anywhere and recharge it on the go.


  • Portable and lightweight in design.


  • 5 inches separation helps help in discovering understructures and fishes with ease.


  • It is noisy when compared to other fish finders in the market.


  • Sonar can spot readings only up to a 200ft depth which is not so competitive.


  • There is no temperature data available.


Bottom line

Humminbird ICE 35 review is a great value for money fish finder which comes with extensive functionality and easy usage. With its simple controls and settings, it is everything one would want to take with them on their next fishing trip.

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