Why The Scotts 2000 20 Inch Classic Push Reel Mower Review Is Important



Perhaps, one of the advantages of having a smaller yard is the fact that it’s easy to maintain, like with just the help of your manual reel mower. These are light in nature and curtail any noise made by electric or gas-powered models apart from being eco-friendly in nature. Also, after you purchase it, unlike other models, it doesn’t need any further investment. Probably, all it needs is a periodic sharpening of blades which can be done without much trouble. Hence, in this regard scotts 2000 20 20 inch classic push reel review will help you to understand its capability and the shortcomings. Therefore, if you own a small yard which doesn’t host many weeds or twigs, then this is the perfect option.

Description:scotts 2000 20 20 inch classic push reel review

The Scotts 2000 20 has got the widest blade of any manual reel mower of 20 inches. The wider cutting blade allows you to mow your lawn in quick succession. It also has in total of nine different height adjustments between 1-3 inches. The height can be easily adjusted providing fingertip control. It also has 5 cutting blades on a reel mounted on a 5 spider ball bearing mounted assembly making it easier to get the reel spinning quickly, with a light push. But it does have a few drawbacks such as it has trouble with tall grass and may also leave taller and thicker weeds even after multiple passes. It can also become difficult to use it near the fences or walls for that matter.


  • Super wide 20-inch blade: Perhaps, a 20-inch cutting blade is enough for faster cuts, being comparable to power mower’s cutting decks. It also reduces the time spent on yard chores.
  • 5 Precision Cutting Blades on a 5 spider assembly: It has 5 precision blades that are of heat-treated steel for durability and clean cuts. With the blades being mounted on a 5 spider assembly it helps to get the reel spinning really quickly without pushing too hard.
  • Dual wheel tracking for increased mobility: It has got a unique wheel design that gives the mower more maneuverability on rough terrain and dense grass.
  • Lightweight and Compact: It just weighs 36 pounds with all the stuff packed in and despite, it has a fairly compact size of 28x10x10. It makes it easier to move in tight spaces and is ease of storage and portability.

But apart from these pros, there are also some shortcomings of the machine.


  • Doesn’t cut tall grass or weeds easily: It is a widespread issue in manual push reel mowers and perhaps, it becomes difficult to remove taller grass and weeds even after multiple passes.
  • Cannot handle uneven ground levels: Despite having unique dual tracking wheel system, it falls short of its capability to deal with the uneven surface by either bouncing over it or leaving one wheel in the air.

It is overall a very good option to go for if your lawn is designed for its purpose. Although it has difficulty in dealing with certain lawns largely fits in most lawns.

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